Horror Feedee Visual Novel

Hello, I am new here and I want to give an idea for someone to make. I don’t know how to work with Ren’py Nor Daz3D or any game-making software, so feel free to use this at your leisure.

I have been looking around and a recent post made me question, Why isn’t there a horror Visual Novel of our kink? So here’s the idea and ill shall break it down.

You are the MC, either male or female(or another gender). You go into your local town(cliche, I know), Here’s the twist, you run into this pear-shaped lady who seems… suspicious. You talk for a bit and some time goes by. the next day, that same lady is there but now she seems to be stalking you. She is stalking you and you go there at night for an event, that same lady knocks you out (your choice). you wake up in a dungeon of some sort and you have to escape.

The MC-
This is the person you play as and depending on the personality choices you have different dialogues with the suspicious lady. The appearance is up to you.

The sus lady-
She is a relatively average height female, with big hips and thighs, she is gothic in appearance and has a crazed expression. She is obsessed with making other people fatter, Especially those to who she is attracted ( The MC). She cooks and cooks A LOT. She is patient to a point and does not take no for answer. (this will come into play later). She is also chubby herself.

So this is to get that horrible feeling. Either Psychological Horror, physical horror or just what you can think of. The main point is to escape the kidnapping when she goes and gets food or other items. When she leaves you to have a time limit to find out a way to escape. The difficulty increasing as each fail happens.

Failing to escape the first time will cause her to be a little upset, but won’t get aggressive. The second time on she starts putting up more things to stop you from escaping, and if caught she will knock you out and tie you to a chair. She will be cooking and she will try to feed you a lot of food. Denying this will get her to be more aggressive, eventually, Force Feeding all the food(pass your limits, separate mechanic).

Limits and fullness:
As stated before, You’ll have limits… what do I mean by limits, well there are a couple of limits that can be implemented: Time, Fullness, and sanity.

Time limit-
When she leaves you after untying you’ll have approximately and 30 minutes to an hour (in-game time) to find items to escape. After the time is up she will come back, if you are caught outside of the “safe” area, that would be a failure. Whereas if you are in the middle of escaping she will chase you down and if caught will cause her to force feed you.

This is how much you can eat in one day. if you manage to find different items AND get back to the safe area, she will allow you to eat food normally, but if you eat too little, she’ll be a little mad. If you get caught in the failure state, she will be more forceful, where you have to eat more to a point. Getting caught again she forces you to eat more and pass your limits. Going past your limits will make your weight increase and increase the fullness meter. even more, than that will make you A) immobile for a day or B) Throw up(can be disabled if you aren’t into that.)

Your sanity is tied to how many times she force-feeds you and how long you have been held captive. Things will slow dissolve making it harder to escape and time limits became skewed. To add that horror aspect, You’ll eventually max out your meter and it will be near impossible to escape because you’ll either enjoy to insane levels or will be too fat to escape

this is what I have so far let me know what you’ll think.


A very interesting concept, I like it! The horror doesn’t seem to rely on jump scares, and instead it’s psychological which is a much stronger direction for horror in my opinion


I like that


I’ve always liked the idea of horror stuff in this fetish, so the variety would be nice. However, one thing I think is worth bringing up on the mechanical end is keeping in mind that this is a fetish game, and a major aspect of what your audience wants is to see that fetish content.

So, the question becomes, why would I, the player, want to escape? If my interest as a player is to see the fetish content, and playing the game properly involves not seeing that content (or seeing as little as possible), then why bother trying? This is something that I think every fetish game grapples with whether it wants to or not. Of course, even if you ignore what I’m saying, I’m sure plenty people will enjoy it. However, there’s also a good chance people will enjoy this sort of thing more if you make sure the gameplay matches the interests of the player. The gameplay could even enhance the fetishistic aspects.

Now, nothing I said destroys your idea or anything. I think it’s possible to make your idea work even considering the elements I’ve mentioned. It’ll be difficult, but that’s game dev for you.

Anyway, with that said, I’ll throw in some ideas for the gameplay to give what I think is a starting point for solving these issues. Hopefully these ideas, and what I said in the previous paragraphs are helpful. I’ve omitted any suggestions that I think go against the general idea/fetish you’re going for (like playing from the feeder’s perspective).

  • Turn the game into a “how long can you survive” sort of deal where a loss state is simply being killed rather than being immobile, where surviving is the goal, but escape is impossible. I’m not a huge fan of this one since the main character wants to escape and cutting that off is sorta lame, but I think it’ll go over better with more people than the gameplay not matching what players want to see.

  • A survive for x time scenario could allow for a sort of high risk-reward game where the goal is to let the character get as fat as possible while still surviving the scenario. Could be justified by a character coming to save you in x days for whatever reason. Again, why the character would be trying to get as fat as possible is a bit dissonant, but like the other suggestion, better than the alternative.

That’s all I can come up with off the top of my head. Designing for these sorts of scenarios is hard, lol.


This sort of calls back to the DLC escape room in Resident Evil 7, where you’re trapped in the room while Ma Baker will kill you instantly if you leave the room disheveled. She is also trying to force feed you food that will also kill you, with escape depending on your patience and tenacity.


You could give the MC a motive to escape, one that surpasses any feedee kink the MC may have.

it’s certainly a interesting concept, it has potential on paper stand point although i would like to add a few suggestions to this idea

Have the MC have friends and or family, they are the most likely to raise the alarm first of their disappearance perhaps even getting police to investigate the sus lady house giving your MC more options to escape through an alternative way via the police being suspious be it leaving subtle details during one or two of the MCs escape attempts for the police find later making them suspect the sus lady.

I think the mechanics do work for this game however i suggest adding something on the lines of corruption or acceptance bar instead to indicate the MCs becoming more into the sus ladys kink that way you can use sanity just for the moments where she pushes your characters mental state badly.

Lasty give your sus lady a really good backstory even if it’s done in small hints or details as to why she’s like this and she chose to abduct the MC.


I’m loving the idea so far. It sounds great, and I love the concept, especially the choosing of your character to make it inclusive. Hopefully this idea will come to fruition.