Horror Game Poll

For My First Horror Game Which May Be Posted Here Or Somewhere Else I want everyone to vote on what should the main monster or antagonist my first horror game should be focused on and how do I want you to vote depending on which one gets the more likes gets picked first and I will than expand on the vote that won


Like This Post If You Want It To Be Focused On The Blob


Like This Post If You Want It To Be Focused On The Thing


Or Like This Post If You Want It To Be Focused On A Random Evil Gluttony Goddess


Not sure if this is a thing you need some rank for, but polls are a thing you can make with the cogwheel menu at from the top bar of the comment menu.

Here is an example poll, looks like syntax in the actual comment editing view.

Which enemy should be used for their first horror game
  • The Blob
  • The Thing
  • Evil Gluttony Goddess

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Just wanted to show you that this is a thing you could do next time or something. If you want this comment gone to prevent confusion, tell me.


No it’s fine I just had no Idea how to actually post a poll on here or if it was even possible that’s why I did it the way I did thanks for being helpful

Also how did you do that I always view this site on android so how exactly do I create an actual poll

It might be that as a new user that hasn’t reach trust level 1 the option is not available to you yet. @FeelingHealing has it right though: in the icons above editing a post, it’s the cogwheel.

Looks like everybody wants too see the random evil gluttony goddess more but we’ll see what happens by tommorow and than the official choice will be made and don’t worry if your choice didn’t get picked this vote is only to see what comes first the other 2 choices will be already picked for the next horror game so keep up with the voting until I check back tomorrow