Horse Race Mod for Fetish Master 0.985d

I am a new modder and made a mod for Fetish Master that adds a custom horse race mod. It works with proxy gen and comes with a variety of options.

  • Proxy can be a futa horse-anthro that can be hyper or hyper-mega. There is also a hyper and hyper mega option with an udder. The udder size reflects the options.
  • Proxy can be a female horse-anthro that can be hyper or hyper-mega. Also an option of an udder.
  • Proxy can be a male horse-anthro that can be hyper and hyper-mega. There is no udder though.

It’s important to note the “hyper mega” option can break the game balance or result with a character with stats way too high or negative.
The hyper option can lead down a similar road depending on what’s done. Although it’s less likely to be as ridiculously high or negative.

The descriptions should work for the race. The fur color sometimes does not appear when the character is made. As the game delibrately leaves out pieces of descriptions or rephrases descriptions.

In other words, the fur color is there, just gotta look at the description when the game decides to list it.

There is a strange issue I have yet to solve. When first starting the game, selecting the horse race, and picking hyper or hyper w/ hyper udder. It will generate a proper hyper proxy. But, if you back out, choose mega hyper, then back out to choose hyper again. It will still generate a hyper mega proxy. I haven’t a clue what’s causing this and would appreciate any advice on fixing it.

I have some plans to make this mod work on the “Fetish Master Legacy Edition.” Although the mod might already work on it depending on how different it is from the base game.

If you want to show support watch my Furaffinity. And read some of my stories. I write story-driven erotica.

Any weird shenangins encountered or bugs discovered leave a comment on this post. As I’ve not idea how to get GitHub to do these things yet.

For compatability, this mod is meant to work with ProxyGen. I have yet to test it with the belly mod that adds hyper pregnancy content. I’ve got no clue if it would break or somehow work.

Installation instructions: Just drop the “gamdata” folder into the directory of your Fetish Master game.

Download link: 101.4 KB file on MEGA
If the link is broken or otherwise hot garbage let me know.

Edit: I want to make it very clear, I would love some feedback and suggestions on how to improve my mods.
Edit 2: I done goofed and forgot a piece of the mod. Added it and reuploaded. The new download link is where the old one is.
Update 1: Been testing the mod with the Fetish Master Legacy edition. It works fine, from what I can tell. So feel free to use it. For Maternal-Reads special edition Fetish Master it does not. I can get it to work on the Maternal-Reads Edition. Just let me know in the comments if you want this.
Update 2: Changed the futa so they have the hp_breed organ.
Update 3: Changed download link due to former website being possibly malicious.
Update 4: Made the “normal” horse race larger. Did the same for the hyper version.
Update 5: When I was changing the sizes I got my workspaces all borked and update 4 ended up lacking some things the mod previously had. Fixed this issue.
Update 6: Fixed the issue where HP goes to 0 when the proxy is used. The consequence of this causes the proxy’s HP to reach some really high values. I will fix this, but it’s going to take some time.


I’m having trouble getting it to work with the Legacy edition.
When I download a fresh copy of the fm-legacy, proxymod, and your mod and put it together (in that order) It makes characters that have no Health (Or will have no health once I activate the proxy).

any suggestions? Also the Hyper characters have like 8 digit long endurance.

The endurance being 8 digits I had to make. Otherwise the character couldn’t masturbate and would just get exhausted. (Dick is gargantuan yo)

As for the characters having no health, does this happen with only the horse race? Or with every other race?

Just Horse race. Specifically it seems just Female and Futa. I tried Male and it appeared to work correctly. So an organ specific to Female/Futa I guess

Are you using a hyper or hyper mega proxy?

I tired all the options, Hyper, Hyper Mega, Udder, None, Udder Hyper, Uder hyper mega.

Okay. Does the character start with zero health when you first make them? Or do they only go to zero health when you pick the “cum in self” option in the masturbation menu?

They have health in the proxy choice screen, but they go to zero as soon as you click on Use Proxy and go to the main walk screen.

That is odd. I was expecting it to go to zero when you choose the “cum in self” option in the masturbation menu. Mainly because of the stretching it causes. I had to set the regen rate to infinity. Otherwise, the characters would end up at the hospital.

But I will take a look at your issue.

I updated the mod and fixed the issue.

what version of the proxy gen mod are you using?

I am using Proxy Gen 0.1.1

I tried to run the current version of proxy gen 0.1.1 that you can find here, and it locks the start of a game

How exactly does it happen?

when I try to generate a proxy using the proxy gen mod, I can select the race, the gender, but once I try to pick special feature like hyberbreeder or the hyper sizes of you horse girls, and the game fails to register the inputs and leaves me on that screen until I hit back. but because it is modded with proxy gen I can’t start the game by selecting random proxy instead either as it also fails to let the game progress

Did you install Proxy Gen? Since the Horse Race mod does not come with it.

I tried it both ways, I tried proxy gen first on its own, then I added your mod and each attempt the game will not work

i think the biggest issue here is that the thread for proxy gen is so out of date that the original base file that has everything is no longer available and only a patch update is all that is left. or the other problem is that proxy gen won’t work with your version of FM as it was built for the original versions back on the blog page for FM

I will take a look at this issue.

much obliged, been many years since I last played FM, and this might be something fun to add

So when I went to test my mod on Fetish Master 0.985d it literally did not launch. With or without mods it just didn’t launch. I’m fairly certain this is because the Java version 0.985d is running is solely out of date and may not exist on my system. I would recommend not using 0.985d.

But, when I launched the Fetish Master legacy edition it worked fine. I put the proxy gen mod and my mod and they worked just fine. I was able to create a character. (I’d recommend using this version of FM). I did encounter a caveat though. For the proxies with an udder, the sizes ended up negative. I don’t know why. I will look into this.

Now, there is also something else. Sometimes when generating a proxy, the game gets hung up for a bit. Or just freezes. This is because the number of ova or possible offspring for these characters, more specifically the hyper characters, is so large the game just dies. I am uncertain if I want to fix this. As the game dying only occasionally happens.