Hosting for download Quest text adventure game

I’ve been working on a game using the Quest text adventure engine, but it’s via the desktop program not the web interface. I’d rather not host it on the Quest website itself as anytime I play games on there it’s prone to crashing halfway through and losing where I was or just otherwise being a bit glitchy.

With that being the case what other hosting solutions would people recommend for hosting the .quest file for people to download? I plan to link to it from here once I post the details and from my DeviantArt account where I generally post stuff.

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I agree, the website crashes and hangs more for me as well. It has been a while since I have downloaded a Quest game, but there was an option on the website to download the released version of the game from the host website. I only know because I have Apocamorphosis downloaded.

But, I also know that sometimes there doesn’t appear to be a download button on the host’s website, so check when you try to publish it whether or not there is an option to enable downloads. In my experience, this made the game’s response time faster and circumvented other hosting issues.

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