how about a disgaea mod?

so throwing an idea out here, about about a bbw sprite rework for disgaea? there’s a plenty number of female characters, and from what pretty prinny does it doesn’t seem hard to edit sprites

to clarify, i’m not talking about “CHARACTER COULD GAIN WEIGHT WHEN LEVELING/USING ITEMS/CASTING SPELLS” or whatnot, just a simple sprite conversion

That honestly depends on whether or not sprite mods are actually doable for the game.

there are tools for the first game in this steam thread.

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Disgaea’s got a metric fuckton of sprites per character to edit, so I figure it’s going to be hard finding someone willing to do it for you for free.
The recent games, especially; they upgraded the quality of the sprites and added more kinds of animations per character, so things will definitely get nuts.
I assume this is probably why an upcoming Disgaea game is moving to 3D for the characters, TBH.