how bad are my 8 bit art



I wouldn’t associate things that high-resolution with being 8bit, as far as ‘8bit’ as an art style goes.

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These pieces look fine, but I wouldn’t call it 8 bit or even “retro” which is probably what you mean.
Pixel art needs to be in a low enough resolution that individual pixels should stand out from one another. In other words, the pixels need to be visible enough that the eye doesn’t start to blur them together.

Think of pixel art like a mosaic. In a mosaic, you can see the individually coloured tiles, yet can still determine what the image is meant to be. If the mosaic tiles are so small that you can only just make out that they’re tiles from a close up view, then people will stop seeing it as a mosaic and start viewing it as pointillism, which is a different medium entirely.

If ya wanna keep goin with what you’re doing, then don’t let me stop ya XD

However, if you want to be more true to the term of 8 bit art, or just pixel art in general, then you need to drastically lower your pixel count (perhaps 16 or 32 bit would suit these?), and try to recreate the pieces you’ve made from there owo

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It maybe can be a pixel-art, but it’s definitelly not 8-bit one.

For better understanding of 8-bit terms, You can watch some videos on Youtube. Like this ones:

Also there’s a lot of usefull videos about just pixelart tips.


not a bad start, but like others have said that is just pixel and not 8-Bit, don’t worry lots of us have been their before and it isn’t a huge mistake or anything. Good job and keep learning.

No Bad, just need some details but is a great pixelart work

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