How Bloated Can You Get? (A GODOT game idea with inspirations)

This is a kind of off-the-wall game idea I had in regards to GODOT’s game-creation engine. Basically the inspirations are the Atari 2600 game Mangia’ ('cept without the bursting), Donkey Kong (the inspiration of the name) the Banjo-Kazooie prototype known as Kazoo (the inspiration for the gameplay being based on an unused boss idea where in order to defeat it the player would have to feed it until it bursts, the bursting of which is not in this game idea), the RounderSofter game Feeding Lila, a game on Android I discovered involving the player trying to make their girl gain weight while also trying to make the opposing girl lose weight by flicking food at them in a pusher-type genre (complete with a Chicken Dance that the winning girl performs), Mothman64’s fangame adaptation of the famous scene from Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, Overstuffed Overtime (minus things like lactation, body part expansion, and corruption), and the WarioWare series (in terms of bonus minigames), among several others. The game can be played with the ASWD keys or the arrow keys, with both being used for two-player. The game is a top-down game, but unlike games made in engines like RPG Maker, it is not a role-playing game, but rather a game somewhat based on Pac-Man, but with more of a “feeding your opponent until they can’t move anymore” aspect. Player 1 is an unnamed blonde in a pink bikini, and Player 2 is a similarly-unnamed brunette in a blue bikini. The gameplay consists of gathering fattening junk food either for yourself or to feed your opponent with. The characters have both a fullness meter and a weight scale (P1’s are on the left side of the screen, and P2’s are on the right side of the screen). If the fullness meter goes over the maximum, the player will be stunned until it returns to its max capacity or below. As the fullness meter depletes, depending on what food the player ate or fed the opponent, they’ll gain weight, and once the fullness meter empties, they stop gaining weight until it’s refilled. The game also makes complete use of 2D sprites instead of a mix of 2D and 3D or being mostly or entirely in 3D. If your opponent becomes so fat and immobile that they can’t move at all, the player will win, and if the opponent in question is a CPU, the player moves on to the next round where the AI increases slightly so that the opponent will more easily try to feed the player into complete immobility or run away from the player if the CPU’s AI is high enough. There’s also items and power-ups like soda and mints to inflate opponents with and stun them for a few seconds (even though weight gain is the primary expansion in the main game), a bag of sugar that increases the player’s speed for a few seconds (even if their mobility has decreased due to added weight but are not immobile), and chanko that makes the opponent or player fatter regardless of fullness. And there are minigames like Feed The Girl where the P1 character has to be fed and fattened to universal size (the maximum size) so that she doesn’t become skinny (i.e.: the average weight of a normal-sized woman) and give the player a Game Over (she starts out chubbier in this minigame rather than in the main game, by the way), along with four others that focus on air/helium (inspired by both Balloon Trip and Gum’s Adventure), blueberry (inspired by a somewhat inverted Dig Dug involving the player blowing themself up), gassy (inspired by one of the character-specific minigames from the Europe-exclusive game Viz: The Computer Game), and water inflation (inspired by those old carnival games involving bursting balloons by shooting water into a clown’s mouth). Each of the five minigames can be unlocked if certain conditions are met in the single-player mode. Also, there are in game achievements, too. Lastly, expect to see cameos by certain video game females akin to Pac-Man’s cameo in Chop 'n Drop (known as IK+ in Europe).

Sorry if I talked too much about this. I’ve had this idea ever since discovering a whole heck of a lot of weight-alteration games on Google Play Store, including certain ones people on this site are aware of.


This idea sounds awesome! I hope your ambitious project comes through because I really wanna play this game!

I’m also very curious about the inspiration games you mentioned. Any chance you could link those?