How did you guys spend Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day I don’t know about you guys but this was a great Valentine’s Day for me went to go watch the sonic movie alone then after that went home ate chocolate cried then passed out way better than last year when I just ate chocolate and cried


I spend this day just like any other because for me this Roman holiday does not matter anything.

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Welp same in viet nam the only one who celebrate this is couple

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I worked until late last night. Ordered and ate pizza when I got home, walked my dog, and went to bed.

My plans to sleep in were somewhat ruined by a certain spaniel waking me up by sticking his tongue in my ear. Fuzzy bugger.

I slept most of the day and also ended up burning myself with a gout of steam from a personal-sized frozen lasagna.

So, about what I expected.

I worked, got paid, and hung out with a few other single friends

Spent the day cuddling with my wife and occasionally yelling about how stupid the holiday is online.

Hung out with friends after coming back from college and chanted single-people awareness day.


Lonely and miserable, like always.

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Ah, I’m glad someone’s keeping the tradition alive.

Spend Valentines Day alone with my Spotify, some tissues [to cry] and my crashing Fallout 3. I love Bethesda, I really do, but god this is annoying.

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Yep, pretty much my day, too.

Just an ordinary day for me. Work, then home to spend a bit more time on the Weighting Game :slight_smile:

And, as it was a Friday, I may have had a beer or three too.

Valentines Day is a huge bag of shit. Invented purely to force couples to spend money on meaningless cards/gifts and to make single people feel bad.

thats a good question.

the answer is:

Had work that day. Nothing special, just retail work on a busy ‘holiday’…