How do i avoid fighting the kobolds

They seem to always attack me as soon as I enter the throne room. Am i missing something?

@softfocus Yes, you are missing something. Rochaine may be a bit of an air-head, but she’s also a (deadly) tease who is messing with you.

I wanted to set something up in this introductory area that is a bit of fun, but also let’s you know that not all NPCs can be trusted. You don’t have to do what she says! I did think that her asking the PC to drop all their weapons would raise the player’s suspicions.

Hints/spoilers below:

Hint 1: You’ll need to back track a little to find another way in.
Hint 2: It’s in the dark, so take some light.
Hint 3: You may still run into trouble with the other inhabitants. There are two ways to avoid this.
Hint 4a: Get your timing right and you are sorted.
Hint 4b: They are less suspicious of people who look like them.

You can do the whole thing without killing any Kobolds.

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