how do i delete saves from the games i deleted or uninstalled

i got a newer version of a game and it still had my old saves even tho i had deleted or uninstalled the older version of the game

it depends on the game.
some games save in “C:\Users[username]\Documents”, some in “C:\Users[username]\Saved Games”, some in “C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local” and some in “C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming”.
there are maybe other places games save in but that are the ones that I know

edit: “C:\Users[username]\AppData\LocalLow” is also a place it could be

how do i know which they are cause theyre are files in it that arent named the same as the games could it be just sort by date

it depends on the game again. usually a games save file has the word “save” somewhere in the name or is located in a subfolder named “save” or simmilar.

also some games doesn’t name the folder after the game but after the developer or engine

From what I can tell, a decent number of the folders will be named after the username of the creator of the game it corresponds to.

It should be noted that not every file will be in LocalLow. Some may be in Local or Roaming. For instance, any games made with Ren’Py will have their save data in a Folder in Roaming called “RenPy”.

ya it sux cause i dont remember what all the games were or who made them

thx found that and deleted it

Just a quick Ren’Py specific that’s well hidden: if you are in the game on the save or load screen, mouse over one of the files and hit the delete key - it will delete the save after an “Are you sure?” prompt.