How do I.. do.. visuals?

Not quite sure how to ask my question lmao, as it’s honestly just a big ‘please, send help’

I’m looking for ways to either create or gather visuals.
I’m not exactly what you’d call creative, or I at least have 0 experience doing anything related to creating… well… mostly anytithing really, so any pointers would be awesome

Something that could fit nicely into a ren’py (or even twine) project would be nice 2d, 3d, but even if it were pixelart, I’d be happy with it (though then I’ll probably end up with something other than a visual novel lmao)

I have some ideas for projects, and visuals are the biggest thing stopping me rn. motivation suffering from it as well


You could use koikatsu or honey select for temp assets at the very least, depending on what you want. Betterrepack offers both of these with a ton of mods (but also an absurdly huge folder size).

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Sounds like you are starting really early on your quest. Graphics are definitely a tough part of a project as its what people see and will judge quickly you on. As a beginner, you are going to be overwhelmed by options and it really all depends on what you are trying to do. I also feel that as a beginner it is easy to get discouraged, but try not to get too fixated on how it looks at the start. Get things functional, using placeholders and then replace them with better graphics when you are ready.

Tools like RPGMaker have tons of per-existing resources you can use. If you are doing something like a visual novel, or a twine game, you can always scrape content from the web for backgrounds or character images. Google isn’t too terrible in finding things. You can grab things from shutterstock or if you want anime characters I’d recommend searching something like gelbooru. There are are all sorts of free resources out there, you just gotta type and search. Other people use 3D graphics from games like Honey Select or use specialized software such as Daz, or Blender. This takes some additional skill and knowledge to pull off, so I wouldn’t start there.

Now that you have pictures you want to use, it would be helpful if you learned how to edit images, at the very least how to crop and resize them to fit your needs. You can use something as simple as Windows Paint, or download a more advanced software such as gimp. Get the images into the proper resolution you need and just load them into your project as needed. Learn about transparencies and masking, and the difference between graphic formats such as .jpg, .png, and video formats like mp4 or webm. Learn how to use custom fonts on your images and not to make a player’s eyes bleed with difficult to read fonts on poorly contrasting backgrounds.

You are starting down a long road, but there are plenty of people who can lend a hand. A little bit of planning, and asking questions will get you moving. Good luck.


Consider this: You don’t need visuals. There is no shame in making text-based content.

A lot of people start out that way. @herokero started off with interactive stories, for example.