How do you make/draw pixelart

I ask since I don’t really know how to draw period, but I already bought Aesprite and really want to learn how to use it.


Kink fetish forum is probably not the best place to seek help for this kind of thing, before getting a hang of the basics.

Here’s a more general tutorial, and I’ve found that YouTube is a surprisingly good info source, if you can spare the time to filter stuff for your peferences.

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Thanks dude, will use this to practice until I can soon draw pixel art for games for here.

I’d definitely recommend checking out pixel art by other people that you like. Study their techniques and such. Copy their work, see if you can replicate it, it can help a bit in learning what styles you do and don’t like as well.

I’d also recommend this tutorial by Derek Yu, the creator of Spelunky: PIXEL ART TUTORIAL: BASICS ( It’s a little advanced in the sense that he jumps straight into drawing a decently large sprite, but there’s still some good advice here, and some other articles on his website that might be helpful.


In regards to pixel art stuff that’s helpful for weight gain specifically, at least for animation, a good thing to keep in mind is that anything that’s not tightly connected to the skeleton of whatever you’re animating (hair, loose clothes, excessive flab) won’t move in lock-step with the rest of your character. Making stuff like that move a frame later than everything else can really sell the weight (and jiggle!) of a character. Basically something like this:
Example Sync completely synced -VS- one frame behind Example unSync


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