how do you put twine games on here?

i’m very new here, ive lurked for the longest time though, and am trying to make a shitty little tine game of my own, but i cant figure out how to, y’know, put the game here? Do y’all know how to do that

I’d assume
1 - Upload the .html to a filesharing site (Mega, whatever)
2 - Post link here
3 - ???
4 - Biden - "You Know the Thing" Remix - YouTube

I forgor mega existed man. Thank you so much

he… forgor :skull:

Now you have me tinkering with Twine again. Very rude of you.
Anyways, the Twine Cookbook recommends two sites for uploads: Borogrove Publishing on - Twine Cookbook and Itch Publishing on - Twine Cookbook, both of which allow end users to directly run the HTML file instead of downloading it, if that’s something you care about. As an end user/reader, I prefer to download them, but there are more options than just Mega.

Hshshssh that was not intended, but thank you very much for the useful links, and as a little trat from my side, would you like to request a specific scene ti be in the aforementioned twine game?