How does Return Force work in the Gene Constructor?

I’ve been testing the waters of creating a mod, and I feel like the Return Force function could be helpful. However, I am unsure on exactly how they work, and experimentation has not yielded many answers. If anyone could explain the Return Force and Range options, that would be very helpful.

Another question I had was: would I be able to replace all uses of human.vagina with bodyparts.human_female_vagina in DNA Templates without breaking anything?

I really don’t know much about the specifics of how return force works, but it just means that a value slowly returns to a specified value over time if it is raised or lower.

As for replacing that file i don’t know off hand. I doubt it would case many issues? it’s probably just a redundancy that was introduced at sometime in development. But I’d just double check the genes to make sure one isn’t missing something the other has.

How do you choose the specified value for the number to return to?

It’s a return to the ‘natural’ value of the gene. For example, exercise boosts the strength (str) gene, and its return force governs how quickly the benefits of exercise decay.