how does unity work

i was originally planning on making a non WG sonic game but turns out i have no idea how unity works

just look for tutorials on youtube. unity probably has the most of all the engines so you are bound to find one that suits you

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Unity is a great engine but can be a little complex for new users (less complex than some other engines though). If you’re making something like a visual novel (VN), I’d highly recommend going with Ren’Py instead due to its easier coding and build structure. Unity requires you to use C# or C++ so if you don’t know those languages I’d start with some coding classes before jumping into game dev. Although honestly there are so many tutorials on the web you can piece together something that works. As Yamhead above said though, look through youtube and there are endless tutorials. Good luck.

If you are looking at using Unity I would suggest checking out Brackeys. The channel is now defunct but is a great resource for unity based tutorials and general game programing lessions.

If you are looking to do a 2D sidescroller game though and do not want to buy game maker I would suggest maybe checking out Godot. Unlike unity it has a dedicated 2D engine and GDScript is quite easy to learn and work with. It also has a visual scripting tool though I have not used it myself. GDQuest is a great resource for learning Godot

godot is great, even for 3d. you have to write more yourself because there’s less built in than unity, but on the other hand you can really dig in and modify things about the engine (and the editor!) more than you can with other engines.