How fast can you click with mouse clicking speed test?

After several attempts, I was able to achieve a clicking speed of 11 clicks per second on the click test. What is your personal best in terms of clicks per second?

Super weird, random question, but whatever.
I click about 16-18 per second using that weird tensed muscle trick that makes your arm vibrate. I stomped people in tapping minigames in Mario Party back then, but now I really only use that fast tap for clicker games.

(Slight edit: Not sure if it’s my mouse, but the site’s registering 11 CPS. Kinda looks like some of the clicks aren’t registering, the little circle rings keep having weird gaps. I tested, my autoclicker is registering at 20 CPS like it’s supposed to, though. My mouse is wireless, I don’t know if that matters.)

11cps with left hand and 10cps with the right one. a bit strange considering I’m right handed

You click faster than my auto clicker, that goes like 16 cps, which I use to fight minecraft mobs in Skyblock in 1.8.9. Normally by myself I get 7 cps, not that I need it too much since what I play need more of a steady hand than anything else, but cool nevertheless.

Going all out, I remember once hitting about 20 cps before on an old wireless mouse.