How fat would you have to be to become immobile?

I’ve started doing some stories on FA, many of which will have WG themes.
Now I realize there’s a lot of variables and I don’t expect a solid number.

I checked a list of the biggest people to ever live and most of them said that the ones around 1,000+ pounds became immobile.
However I can’t find what weight or even the date where one of them realized it was impossible to get out of bed.

Obviously I’m not writing anything super realistic but I wanted to at least be able to ballpark it.

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Well from what I’ve read around 600 is when most people struggle to stand up, so probably not much bigger than that, especially since most people at that size don’t want to walk with that big of a burden on their bodies

It depends on a lot of factors other than weight like height, muscle mass and body fat %. It also depends on your definition of immobile as well. I’m sure a lot of 600 pound people can stand up and even walk for a little bit, but they’d definitely have joint issues if they overexerted themselves so I’d imagine they’d use a mobility scooter to get around. If you mean immobility to be unable to get out of bed, then I’d say 700-1000 pounds depending on the factors I mentioned previously.

These estimates are exactly what I would say. Height is generally the most important factor to consider. If you want to get more information stuff like this, I would recommend Fantasy Feeder.

Yeah, height and exercise do seem to be the most important aspects regarding mobility once a person gets up there weight wise. Two BBWs I follow are a fair example of that. Big Cutie Boberry is damn near 600 pounds, if she’s not already (570 when last I checked), but she is fairly tall, and rather active. She moves very well for a person her size, has stated that she takes long daily walks and prefers walking over driving. Both factors together probably mean she can get quite large indeed before her weight finally becomes a hindrance to her overall mobility, outside of a pronounced waddle, anyway.

Foxxy Roxxi is quite the opposite. I can’t recall her height, but I don’t think she’s over 5’8", though I may be wrong, and she was around the 475 pound mark last I checked. She is considerably lazier, openingly admitting she doesn’t like moving off her couch when she doesn’t have to, and watching her get up off the couch, you can tell it’s quite the feat for her. Her walking speed is also very slow. I suspect, if she continues to gain, she’ll need something like a mobility scooter before she breaks out of the 550 mark or so.

Edit: Forgot to mention, but when writing the story, keep in mind the height to weight of the character when describing what they look like while gaining. 200 pounds on a person whose six feet tall would make them a wee bit pudgy at most (depending on how they gain, naturally), whereas 200 pounds on a person whose five feet tall would make them noticeably heavy, certainly well lodged in chubby territory at least. A five foot nothing person at 250 pounds has firmly entered fat territory.