How gradual do you prefer weight gain to be?

Just curious as to what the communities’ preference was.

My tastes vary, but I usually like to see a a slow increase in weight. That said, sometimes sudden rapid gains are fun too.

This almost wholly depends on how fun the gameplay loop that feeds (heheh) the weightgain is!

I could go for extremely gradual weight gain is the rest of the game is interesting and varied, but if I’m cycling through the same 5 random events over and over or clicking and reclicking a button for a fraction of a pound each time, it will feel tedious.

I voted for slower than a snail but it really comes down to how you present it. Another thing to consider is that gameplay time is not the same thing as time in-universe, so you could make use of something like a time skip to allow for realistically paced gaining while not making it too grindy.

I think I’m also biased by my overall preferences leaning toward the less extreme end of the scale, more than a lot of other people in the community. My favorite part of the gain is the transition from slim to chubby, a lot of works seem to zoom right past that part on the way to larger sizes.

I like rapid only if there is a good reason ie. Magic/ Technobable.

Slow to moderate is my preference, but I’m pretty good with any rate if the narrative justifies it.

Some of my favorite aspects of increased size include how a character copes with changes. At a snails pace, they can adapt to their body and may remark on only the most crucial landmarks. At a more rapid pace, they spend more time frustrated by the new challenges of mundane things. Too fast, and their experience narrows to rapid incapacitation – which can still be compelling if handled right.

I don’t really mind how fast it goes.

It depends on my mood and what setting it is. Sometimes I like different things

Slow. The journey is half the fun.
Stories/games where the weight gain come from repeatedly stuffing lots of food are the best.

I really like gains that are on the fast side of the plausible range, but slow and steady is just fine too if you’re only checking in once in a while. Magically rapid gains can present some unique scenarios to play with but usually feel more fleeting, like “easy come, easy go”.

I think originally this thread had a poll at the top. I guess both the poll and the votes are gone.

My own preference is usually for slow to moderate steady gain. Actually that applies to any kind of transformation. The poof you huge/gender-swapped/some-kind-of-animal usually means skipping the part I’m interested in. However this can be offset by a prolonged period of exploring your new circumstances.

Wait. I may be able to make a poll here…

  • Very fast gains
  • Fast gains
  • Gradual gains
  • Very gradual gains

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