How have you completed (or not) Orion's quest?

I’m curious as to which paths people are following on this quest, so it’s time for a poll! To try and avoid spoilers I’ve kept the outcomes somewhat vague. Tick as many as you’ve done (any version 0.26 and up):

  • Everyone’s dead Dave
  • Bloodshed and compromise
  • No one has to die
  • I’ve made some new friends
  • Friends with benefits
  • Friends reunited
  • I lied, big time!
  • I failed

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Hopefully these will make sense. If needed I’ll clarify them behind spoiler tags.


Liking this just for the Red Dwarf reference.

I couldn’t resist throwing that in, glad you appreciated it.

how do you finish Orion’s quest?

First up, welcome to the Weight Gaming boards!

Without giving too much away, what you need to do is:

  1. Start the quest by speaking to the stranger in the pub.
  2. Go find where his business partner is in the mine; there are several paths to reaching this point.
  3. Go back to Orion and tell him what you’ve found out.

the queen became overcome with lust and orgasmed in front of me while i just stood there watching, as the part human she apparently is going to marry laid dead on the floor, i guess this counts as other.

That’s class! I’ve honestly not seen that happen, but I know it’s one of a small number of edge cases that could.

and i dont know how to finish the quest because theres no options to talk with orion when i come back, i think its a glitch.

I tried aiming for the ‘made some new friends’ outcome a few times, but still end up with ‘no one has to die’. (I think.)