How many of you have ever used to pirate something? Anonymous poll.

  • Never
  • Once
  • Twice
  • Often
  • Always

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I will close this in a couple of days.

bro you can use this site to pirate stuff wtf have i been doing here?

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What is yiff party can someone explain to me what is it

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taken from it’s wikifur page is a web scraper website that uses bots to crawl various different Patreon campaigns, mainly those of furry content creators. The unauthorizedly scraped content is then published for anyone to view for free.


Wow, some of you have never heard of, it did take me some time to know what it was as well, tbh I am a bit surprised.

Also, I’m retarded for accidentally making it choose more than one option, let’s see the results.

Wow 69% have never used or heard of it.

too bad there wasn’t a never heard of it option

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Ah shoot you’re right.

I hadn’t heard of it before this poll but I don’t plan on using it. Most of the artists I follow post the art publicly eventually or are nicer people that I would feel guilty for doing it. Maybe for faf but honestly I don’t want any part in that mess.


In my opinion, you should only pirate from old games that no longer provide income to the creator, or big developers who have done something wrong and basically are the thieves in the first place…


I don’t see the point of this thread on the site, especially given discussion of piracy contravenes site rules.


This thread isn’t against site rules as it is discussing themes concerning piracy, but does not explicitly share or endorse pirating techniques, nor is there unlicensed material being exchanged here.

That being said, it is walking a very fine line and the administration are watching it closely.


>Anonymous poll

Nice try, FBI


I keep a fairly close eye on for obvious reasons. Looks as though they’re currently being hammered with takedown notices and are consequently going to be removing a lot of non-furry content soon.