How the time passes

I remember back when I was a short person, around the age of 7, and I would be giddy with glee to barrel down to the living room to open presents, only to find out I got clothes, and I would get pretty pissed. Nowadays, of course, when I get clothes, I’m actually pretty ok with it. I also remember I used to struggle at Super Mario Sunshine when I was younger, but I went back, and you know what? That game’s difficulty is aids, I mean god dammit, it’s supposed to be for kids, not vietnam veterans. The point is, usually things vastly change as we get older, maybe something small, like not eating Doritos for breakfast, or maybe something bigger, like your family finding out you like chubs and disowning you… anywho… I would like to know what changed for you in particular, if you want to share, and, other than that, have a good Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate! ;D


Me, I not changed so much, I was “mentally adult” at my teenage (13 y old).
The only things changed with the age is I got a little smarter and less impulsive.

If not, I remember my young age, before I get “Mentally adult” was lot of pain and annoy, because I always felt different, isolating myself, so other children saw me as an easy target to bully. And annoyed because I don’t found what it entertained me, really.

When I was 13, discovered my sexuality and what was fun for me : Roleplay on games with other players and aside of that have fun with the feederism and love. It was the beginning of changing and when I became major I got lot of freedom, moved in my own apartment.

Finally, my life is far to be as good I would want because I am not able to be who I want to be, for now, but in least it’s average, with sometime good moment to remember.

I wish you nice end year celebrations, enjoy !


Hey fella, that is just how life goes.
As for me, nothing really changed much. Only that I have much more troubles in my life and began verbally fighting with teachers and trying to make them understand that kids have problems in their lives too and finding a solution to said problems is much more important than a homework, but no much luck.>.<

By the way, thanks to you, I just remembered what had a huge impact on me as a kid and why I am here. It’s this intro scene from Man In Black 2.
I was around 10 at this time and to this day I haven’t been caught with my love for slightly bigger girls:-)…

Anyway, thank you a lot and merry Christmas :smiley:


Mine became less than satisfactory
Nuff said from this hound
edit The only difference I’m willing to divulge is of my interests besides soft stuff
At a young age, still sleeping with my parents, something appeared (what it was I still haven’t figured out all I can definitely say is that it was a gaseous shadow thing with two purple orbs of an equally gaseous nature as ‘eyes’) slowly patrolled the perimeter of the room then back and before leaving turned around and stared at me for awhile, all while I was covertly (read scared almost witless) trying to wake up my mom to alert her to the intruder, it then slowly turned around and left
Ever since I’ve been interested spooky stuff, and if you guys start calling me Mulder then I reserve the right to snark


In my teenage years I started getting less exited over gifts in general as they could not compare to the creative spasms I was getting.

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For completing my previous answer:

I forgot to precise but at young age, before I was 10, I observed the world very differently, I was excited because all was new, I had also a strong hope feeling, that made my environment idyllic. It was like I lived in a science fiction/fantastic world, in comparison.

All these feeling fade out slowly at measure I became older, until totally disappear at my 10. Finally the hope filter vanished, replaced by the cruelty and the lack of compassion of our condition of human being.

Also, I always had nightmares until my 13. And when I say nightmare that’s not dark dream, I was literally the prey and always needed to fight for survive but always caught. My view surrounded with a fog, and an absolute lack of control. Unable even to awake from a nightmare.

Nightmares continued until I was 13 when all my life feeling changed. Coinciding in my sexuality discover.

Some nights before this event I encountered my subconscious the first time, personified as a teenage almost adult girl with long light brown hair. She reassured me.

I still remember the night when I got strong enough for destroying the nightmare and fears about them.
The creature was behind me and like usually my movements slowed down, it was literally at distance for catch me and at this moment I felt anger and will for feedback, I turned back and punched him with all my rage and anger accumulated all these years.
The creature looking like a man tall, in black, the skin grey and with empty orbits, was surprised and took the hit in their face, he moved back and then flee. The nightmare disappeared at the same time and I awaked.

Next nights were totally different. I passed from nightmare to lucid dreams. I was able to fly or fight like Neo in Matrix I was able even to modify or rewrite (come back in time), my dreams if its not pleased me.
Also my subconscious even if rarely see in person sometime offered to me nice kinky dreams with random bbw or feederism.

It’s like the hope I lost in the real world 3 years ago moved to my night time.

Now, some decade after, I continue to play with my subconscious, she proposes to me sometime dark dream or convoluted dream for play and I accept the challenge she gives me, playing like game and have fun that way.


Well, I’m really glad things worked out for you! My sister also had a dream problem, and it was a scary time for our family, but it worked out eventually, and again, good for you! ;D

Well that nightmare probably regretted ever hounding you to begin with

got older 68 ,170 lbs. 100 in HS , had 3 surgeries,minor, skin rashes annoying . lost most my hair, friends died,money was less in jobs ,SSI now. same house since 1978 ,divorced Town has doubled in size and people. 2 girls ,5 grandkids. 1 day at a time.


I am very sorry to hear about your losses, but I am glad about your kids/grandkids, so good for you! (On that end, of course. Again, sorry for all the other bad things that happened.)


some have it worse than I do …


Back in my youth, I would repeatedly watch the infamous scene near the end of the movie Space Jam just for laughs. Since I’m 30 years old now, it’s kind of been a thing of the past, even though I see recreations of it in the form of sequences on DeviantArt.

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