How to animate huge butts/thighs?

One thing I always struggle with is to set up the vertex weights for huge butts/thighs.
The running animations always look broken like here

This is an existing animation from a game I am trying to make a mod for.
Is there any way to get the results to look at least decent in terms of animation, without changing the animation itself?
The main issue is usually the are between butt and thighs.
I guess this is just an issue with these big sizes, but if anyone know of ways to at least reduce this stretching then I would really appreciate it.

To note is that I dont want the buttcheecks to move very much, at this size that would look a bit weird aswell…


the smooth tool in blender works well enoug.
Just dont forget to enable accumulation in the tool options.
smear those weights out

I already usually do that, but it only slightly helps, the extreme stretching still happens…

then you can either create some helper bones with drivers or reposition the hip joint to give better deformation.

What’s a helper bone?

Usually it’s shape that helps you control a group of weights all at once, so if you ever seen an animation where a foot is being manipulated by either rotating or moving up or down the person who animated it is using an object or shape to control 1 or more rigged points. Saves a lot of time so you do not have to move and animate individual verts

Useful information :+1:

… I know what a skeleton/armature is… I am not torturing myselfe by animating each vertice on its own