How to deal with my character's desires without doing the actual deed?

I wanted to play the game for the first time on my own pace and pretty seriously, but the “Aru” meter is messing with it. I found its raw value in Debug mode, but it is now quickly going back up and the game log is talking about the character’s attributes. I know one of the topics of the game is exactly that, but I feel my character’s need takes over any adventure I am trying to do.
How can I deal with this on my end? Or even, as I am struggling to find what governs it, how can I revert its desires to its default values via Debug?

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/=$0.stats.arousal(0) to reset the stat itself.
/=$0.stats.libido(0) to set Lib to 0, shutting down passive Aro gain.

For some reason, any Lib and Aro gained from kobold stuff doesn’t get removed, but it also doesn’t seem to have any actual effect.

Thanks, this does disable automatic Aro gain.
But, as I am playing a male character, Aro is still going up %20 every couple of in-game hours because of the amount of his “seeds” that he accumulated. What I tried is to change the player’s number of personal attributes to 0, but this creates a game state where at every action an unhandled arithmetic exception is thrown (it’s trying to divide something by 0).

I have, and never will have, experience with a male pc in this game, so I can’t give a surefire solution. Maybe setting the 0 to a 1 would fix the arithmetic exception, as the original value would remain unchanged by the division.

Instead, I think I was totally in the wrong place to look for. The “seed” amount it’s actually a non-changeable value not tied with the amount of personal attributes the player has, what you need to do is mess with the calculation itsself.


then, in-game, click Wait 5mins (Due to the calculation applying in this case, having -1 here will reduce what I was looking for in its integrity). After waiting in-game…


with 2147483647 being the highest possible number in those fields are they are int32 (knowing it as I did find the value types using GameGuardian, a Linux application similar to Cheat Engine). This will extend the time until the next time the attributes will be full, and with the default values being at least 100 times smaller this isn’t going to be an issue anymore.

Editing Lib and Aru and the values used in the production of the “seed” seems for now to get what I was looking for, thanks for your help!

TLDR (full commands list):

<wait in-game>

You don’t actually need the setting of minsToBlue and minsToFull to -1 and the wait. Just those last two lines will do it; setting the time to 24 days in game. Since the blue value only comes into play once full, argueably you don’t need to set that one at all.

If you need to empty them (without the description) the following works:


Not sure why you used GameGuardian: there’s a built in inspector in-game once debug is turned on.

It’s not possible to completely eliminate increasing arousal. Setting libido to zero, just slows it down to about two weeks.