How to fatten up V-katsu models in Blender

I made a tutorial video on how to make V-katsu models fatter. I’m not sure how many of you will find it useful but here it is. the tutorial assumes you have some experience with Blender but not much (I think you can follow along if you have half-finished a model before, but I can be wrong)

the video is about 14 min without the time-lapses so don’t be discouraged by it’s length. I put time stamps to skip the time-lapses in the description and also links to the V-katsu patch and Cats plugin.

if something is unclear or something then just ask. I will probably be more likely to see your comment if you put it here because this video is posted on a secondary youtube account so I will miss notifications.


I’m not even a modder but this was a very cool watch! I’ve never heard of V-katsu and now I kind of want to get it just to fatten up the model lol

I’ve only downloaded Blender, never tried anything, but this was mesmerizing to watch. I loved it! Good job on the video!

The end was amazing.

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you should give it a go if I peaked your interest. I would say that 3D-modeling is a lot easier than drawing (I personally can’t draw) and both of the software is free.

the Blender Fundamentals playlist is really good and I think you would be able to follow along if you’ve gone through videos 2,3,4,7,8,10,11 and 42 (he recommends a tablet when sculpting but I have never used one or feel like I am missing out too much).

@picpic7 that was me coping with talking in a serious fashion for so long

I left the last part of the video playing while I was working on another tab and you sorta kinda scared me a little

Never seen it done that way, TBH.
I’m mostly just confused why you went through the trouble of dyntopo sculpting a copy of her and not just working with the original mesh.

the reason I do it this way is because sculpting is much better suited for making/editing character (especially if it has a lot of fat rolls or creases). the reason I skip it when working on the clothes is because they are pretty simple shapes so using soft select to get the right shape is pretty easy.

Oh My GOSH You’re a life saver!!!
I was looking for a way to greatly modify and expand the bodies of my Koikatsu models. This is just perfect! There’s a limit to messing around with body sliders (with the slider mod, I could adjust the sliders to 400+ of the default limit).

Time to fatten up all of my existing models to the next tier :smiley:

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I don’t know why I haven’t seen this sooner, this is a great tutorial! I’m sure it’ll be very useful for me in the future. Thanks a lot for making this!

awesome tutorial video, thanks for sharing. I’ve recently been ramping up my Blender skills and am sold on the benefits of using a drawing tablet.
I have a XP-Pen Star 03 digital tablet . I love it for sculpting and texture painting. Vertex modeling I still prefer to do with a mouse.