How to Gaslight a Goddess

Hey, everybody!
I’m @WonkyWankit , one of the programmers on the Horizons Expanded Team.

Some of us on the team made a short little game within a 3 day time limit for you guys to enjoy.

The premise is you’re a master thief who has to save his friend from a greedy Kitsune Goddess while stealing everything she has. It plays like a stripped down Ao Oni but with a fat fox girl.

The main attraction is the bitchin’ art by @CJ-x4.3 and @Choak along with @Erronwolf as the lead writer. I handled the programming and various other little things that aren’t worth mentioning.

This was mostly an experimental project, so the gameplay is gonna be pretty rough around the edges.
Fortunately, it’s short and not very challenging (about >15 minutes of gameplay), so you don’t need to wait too long for your fatty related content.

I think I bug tested it pretty well, but let me know if anything fucks up and I’ll get right on it. Make sure to read the credits in the WWW folder!



This was a fun little story, thanks for posting! There seems to be a bug where if you’re not moving in a corner, the goddess won’t catch you and stops moving on her own, so you can walk with her 1 tile behind you all the way to the exit.

very fun little game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, enjoyed my time with it :blush:

I can echo the above bug, in certain parts of the chase I was immune to the goddess

Short and sweet with some cute art and writing.

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False positive. RPGmaker games do that with some antiviruses.

This is a common problem with multiple game engine programs that contain a file that give some anti-virus software a false positive virus flag. Normally this is just the case of an anti-virus software being too sensitive.

However, as it is the internet you do need to be aware of what you’re downloading. There are sites out there that can scan files for malware and/or virus for free to give a second opinion. Something like Virus Total comes to mind but it’s always in your best interest to do your research. Most virus hits I get on games are false flags and in my experience windows defender is especially sensitive for this.


Okay, it no longer shows a false positive on windows defender, as I just updated it. It was kind of an optional update, I had to manually press the look for windows updates button.

that was a fun experience.

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