How to make a TP check on RPG Maker MV?

Hello there.
I recently decided to give a try and make a game myself, but right as I started, I runned into an issue…

I wished to make a RPG Maker MV game, in a similar fashion of the “Currently Unnamed RPG”, where I use the TP as “fullness %”, when the 100 (%) is reached, the character get a status (fullness) and a new sprite. This status would later on evolve, but it doesn’t matter right now.

Well, there is the issue: I’m a noob (as my first project) and I haven’t found a TP check among the various events, common events and variables. I am missing something? Or there is a plugin?

Every help is appreciated!

I will have to get back to my pc later to help answer this question but off the top of my head, you could make a variable and set it equal to the current amount of tp (in the variable options, there is one for game data, in there is current tp level.) Other wise there is a custom java script call you could set but I cant remember it off the top of my head. Hopefully this helps.

Ok, sorry for the long wait, I finally got in to check on how this actually works. Looking at what I mentioned earlier, I noticed TP wasn’t in the list for game data. So the best recommendation is to tie a variable to TP and then use the variable as a check in game.

To do this set up a new variable and set it equal to a script. In the script box put in this:

Screenshot (49)

Change the (1) in the call above to what ever the character ID number is, such as your first character would be 1 and you second party member would be 2 ect. If you want to make this check the tp consistently, I would suggest setting up a common event operates in Parallel with this variable check in it. Let me know if you need help figuring this out.

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