How to "Make their own posts wiki"?

In the documentation of Discord trust levels it mentions at TL3 you can:

  • Make their own posts wiki (that is, editable by any TL1+ users)

How is this done? I can’t find any other mention of this feature.

I was thinking a wiki style post with discussion following (rather like the original C2 Wiki would be a good way of documenting here all the relevant games and where to find them, rather than relying on a single person to constantly amend a post.

Its quite easy, you simply create a post and then if you press the ellipsis, admin actions, then you can select make wiki post.

This should be available for all TL3+ members. Making it a wiki post will allow the post to be edited by all users with TL1+ as well as keep a history on the changes.

Here is discourse’s official docs on it:

Thanks @grotlover2! I was looking for the option while creating the original post, rather than something to set afterwards.