How would you label different body shapes?

I’m working on a text-based adventure game, and I’m hoping to implement a system for having characters with different body types (pear, hourglass, busty, etc.), but I’m having trouble naming all the different body types.

Essentially I’ve got it so weight can be distributed between 3 major areas; butt, belly and bust (These are more or less just labels I’m using for lower, middle and upper body, since having less specific areas makes programming easier, and areas like the butt and thighs tend to be closely linked anyways). I intend for this to be a less serious game, so rather than just having the usual body types I’m also including stuff like having all weight in a characters butt. Because of this I’ve got a wide spectrum of shapes including “impossible” body types that don’t have common terms as far as I know.

So below is a list of categories, and I’d like help developing some sort of naming convention.

Butt+++ (All weight in butt)
Butt++, Belly+
Butt++, Belly++
Butt+, Belly++
Belly+++ (All weight in belly)
Belly++, Bust+
Belly++, Bust++
Belly+, Bust++
Bust+++ (All weight in bust)
Bust++, Butt+
Bust++, Butt++
Bust+, Butt++
Bust+, Belly+, Butt+ (Even distribution)


you could make a system for the body types with ++ and have a prefix/suffix for the last +

eg belly++,boobs+ could be tummy-tits or something and if it is 3 plusses it could have a prefix like super or hyper

then you won’t have to come up with so many names and it would probably be less confusing

Not accounting for the magnitudes, you only really need four to six body type descriptions to get the basic idea across.

Bigger in the butt = pear
Bigger in the belly = apple
Bigger in the chest = inverted triangle
Equal chest/butt, bigger than belly = hourglass

If you want to get slightly more granular:
Just butt is sometimes called spoon-shaped
Round all over would be oval-shaped.

A little bit of this is interpretation of terms, but there’s guides online for defining body shapes, if you need the research.

If you’re going for less serious, the all-in-one sizes could be something totally silly. “Titty Monster,” for instance, with “Fake Preggo” and “Balloon Booty” following up.


You could also use top heavy and bottom heavy for boobs and butt, and maybe big bellied for belly heavy? I feel like the usual body type name don’t get as granular.