I cant get fat in Lantern no matter how hard I try how do i do it please help me

The simple answer is “eat a lot”. The balance of the game is still being worked out so there could be flaws that make it difficult. But generally you should try eating “magic donuts”.

Can confirm- the magic donuts are the best way to get huge. But you’ve gotta have a little bit of patience at first.

How do i eat the magic donuts what command should i use?

To get the donuts in the first place, you need to be in the room with the donut vending machine.

The command ‘vending buy # magic’ will buy them using your money, if you replace the # with the number of donuts you want.

Then, ‘eat # magic’ will have your character eat them!

As another note, ‘help’ will get you a command list (If it’s working), or use the ‘say’ command to ask people in game to help. The folks in Lantern are a friendly bunch, I’ve found.