Howdy hey!~

Hey there everyone! I’m Chaos n’ Mania, I used to be a member here a long while ago and I’m back to share my board game design creations with you all! Namely the variably kinky ones that I make under the name Devilish Diversions. I love to draw, animate, play games (tabletop and video games), and make all manner of things! If you feel like it you can call me Talyn. I’m just a creative girl who loves things big~ x3

Be sure to look about for the stuff I make!

(Totally accurate drawing, question it not. XD)


Hey, it’s nice to have you here again (or not, it depends on what you consider as good/nice). Make sure to have a look at the games that you missed, there are some good games.

The bigger the better.

Do you have a page or something? 'Cuz I searched “Devilish Diversions” on Google and I only find things about religion.

Welcome back to the forums.

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Happy to see you are back!


Welcome back to the internets/ only the forums!

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Hey didn’t you have a devinart account?

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Well yes I was one of the watchers on their I like your designs their where very unique of art

I can’t find the mod any where do you know wut happened

This is not really the place to ask this question. Its better to DM one of the @staff or ask the OP directly through a DM.

To answer it though they requested the thread be deleted. Pas that we have no knowledge.

Ok then thanks for telling me won’t go asking again