Heya everyone, I’ve been around for a bit and interacted with one or two of y’all but never introduced myself. Better late than never, yeah?
Anyways, I’m Oceanaga. I started as a 2d artist and eventually moved into the 3d space (mainly just playing around in Daz and making morphs in zbrush if you can call that proper 3d). I also do some game dev on the side for fun, mainly in Unity.

Weight gain stuff hasn’t always been an interest of mine, I started out as a preg artist(still my main interest) and I guess one thing led to another and here we are. Seems the longer you sit in the 18+ corner of the internet, the more you get exposed to lol.
I enjoy collaborating with others and helping out where I can, I definitely received a lot of help along the way so I try to pay it forward.

Anyways, to prevent this from becoming a wall of text I’ll wrap it up here. Glad to be a part of the community, and looking forward to interacting with everyone!


Heyya welcome to the forums! I’m sure you’ll find folks into both weight gain and preg stuff :+1:


haha well I’m mainly here for the weight gain aspect. I float around different sites and keep each area to its respective site to not step on toes. Thanks for the welcome! :smiley:


I am more in to Preg stuff but I do like tons of other fetish mainly weight gain.

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Thanks for this introduction and welcome in late !


Welcome! Its cool that you do both 2D and 3D art! Also happy to see some people joining up with more varied interests.