Howllo Everyone!

I’m a programmer and part-time artist, but full-time student and game developer. I’m hoping to explore alternate methods of showing our interests through game mechanics.

I have many interests such as anime, cartoons, information research, math, how things are made, furry fandom, fatfurs, Lego, let’s plays (Markiplier is my fav), world building, magik, games (video, table top, vocal, etc), and I do enjoy inflation (no burst). Big round bellies are great! :3

I do know a few programming languages (Java, C++, Javascript) and am able to adaptably understand and work with other languages. Other languages I’ve dabbled with are Octave/Matlab, Python, Ruby, Swift, C#, C. I also know a fair bit of HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery, and SQL.

Art that I mainly do is sketch work and pixel art. I’m still trying to understand color theory and would like to also try learning music theory (a whole lotta worms in those cans). I have made a few games both table-top and video games, so if your interested in seeing a few of the video games here’s a link to my GameJolt page! (It’s a little devoid of games related here, but I hope to upload something relevant soon.)

Well I guess this is all that’s need to be known of me so far. Umm… Have a cute gif I made a while back! (more-like-Dec-2016-a-while-back)
Thank you for your time and have a good day! ^w^


Welcome! Always happy to see another programmer to nerd out with. Hope you enjoy our site!

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Welcome to the site.

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