Huffing Hospital: A Fat TTRPG about escaping from a hospital that wants to fatten you up.

Hello anyone who comes across this! Would you be interested in a fat furry tabletop RPG slightly inspired by bogleech’s awfulf hospital comic? (Though definitely not as gross. But is is good and it would be nice if you read it) Well I am making it. Your characters will wake up in a mysterious unknown hospital with no exit in sight and a very twisted knowledge on how fat works.

The system for this campaign is a simple one so anyone could get into it with some explanation.

Here is a link to the discord server I’m hosting this on: Huffing hospital

I will say I am not a true expert on being a dm so if I make any mistakes I apologize.

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Maybe I would be interested? I don’t really know. I know this will sound weird, but could you tell how “unhinged” it would be? Like if it would be really brutal with the things that would happen.

Interesting! The invite seems to have expired. I’m certainly curious, if there’s still room. Otherwise, good luck!

I may be interested if I’m not required to make a furry character. Is it mandatory that I do, or can I play a human(oid)?

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Oh i’ll put down an unlimited link hold on Huffing hospital

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you can play a humani don’t mind


Things will be quite unhinged

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I’m also making a space setting session called Girth Galaxy. It’s about a galactic organization that was originally dedicated to feeding hungry peopleon distant stars, but has been slowly taking over the galaxy’s food network. Manipulating entire ecosystems making planets that grow greasy food from the trees. With this many planets in the universe have been turned into food markets to be sold and shoved into the mouths of aliens.

If you think this is interesting join up! I have 3 slots open each for 2 groups: People apart of the GFO (Galactic Fattening Organization) And city folk that start to notice the tetra fattening of the planet they live on.

The game will have a simple system for peep to get into so it’ll be fun!

Here’s the server: Discord

Have fun!

That link to the server isn’t working. It seems as though you might have a message/channel link rather than a server invite.

Will try to remember to check back in this thread for updates…

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Thanks for telling me here’s an updated link Galactic Girth

The server owner’s account has been hacked and lost to them. The servers are effectively dead. Do not join them any more.

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