Huh, maybe I'll make a game.

Lurker here for a while, gamedev, furry and artist in my spare time. suddenly hit the realization that oh, I could just make something couldn’t I? I drew some fatfur pixel art for the first time, and was surprised that it turned out better than I expected, I might have to make something now. so, I guess i’ll make something some time.

EDIT: Forgot the damn art lmao

all the kind words from here and other friends are making me bite the bullet, I’ve made an art tumblr where I’ll be posting stuff like this from now on! maybe i’ll put it in other places soon too, if I do it’ll be linked on the tumblr. Please look forward to my journey!


Always fun to hear about people’s ideas! Hope to hear more about your game when you’re ready!

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Haha yeah, I came to that same realization recently too >w> The pixel art looks really nice!!

If you ever decide to get into it, I’d be curious to see how it’s coming along!


thank you for the well-wishes everyone! i’ll have to come up with something then…


Good luck, i hope you can create the game you want.

I have to think of an idea for a game (and get better at animating this shit uuuuuuuugh) but in the mean time, i’ve set up an art page on tumblr! it’s been tons of fun to draw this kind of stuff and it’s kind of revitalized my motivation to make art in general, so I want somewhere to post it and actually show people!! so follow if you want, eh?