Humanoid Slime Survival

I thought of this when I saw some feedback on a previous idea. You start out as a tiny blob, and you have to find fruit small enough to be properly dissolve it, and increase your mass to grow a tiny body, arms, and legs. From there, you continue to eat fruit until you have a proper humanoid body, and grow to a normal height. Once you reach a normal height, you’ll probably need to find bigger fruit to increase your mass. Most creatures are friendly to slimes, with some being not so friendly, but most creatures will get along with you. There are some you should avoid.
Sludge: Basically, a sickly, dripping, toxic slime. This is what happens when a slime eats meat.
Red Knight: The humans that follow the teachings of REDIFIF. The REDIFIF teachings state that slimes are evil because a priest got attacked by a sludge, and they couldn’t tell the difference between a slime and a sludge.
Gorgolisk: The reason why you DON’T enter random dark caves.
Slimes do not have may ways to defend themselves, so it is up to you as a jiggly, fat slime waifu, or husbando to make friends with friendly creatures who will protect you… because you’re a precious ball of jelly. X3 :heart:
Friendly creatures (headpat, or hug to become friends)
Bluefuls: Humans that follow the teachings of Bluefusi, a god of love.
Wolves: Puppr :3
Hill Hogs: Pigs that like to hunt, but friendly to slimes.


This sounds interesting, what if you could feed friendly creatures to make them fatter? would make things very interesting I think. I can see people having a couple of huge bodyguards, or an army of chubby followers…


Yeah, that would increase their defense stats.