Hungry Elves "Stuffed" - On hiatus until further notice

How do i stop the music i press on the hipod but it only makes a noise and i can’t do anything else?

how do i feed girls when i rally them?

There isn’t any great sandwich in wakburger that the girl asked for or it has to be just burgers?

I don’t think it’s in the game yet. Whenever it may resume development.

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Alright thanks
On more questions if i don’t bother u i’m stuck in the mine and i don’t where to drag the explosive cart do u know where to and how ?

It’s been a couple years, I’d have to go back and play it again to know, I’m sorry. I just don’t remember for that one.

No worries and thanks for helping

does anyone know how to get gergore truck?

Nevermind I got it and know where the truck is now.

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