Hungry girls by paploman.

Hello, does anyone have a cheat code for this month?

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Just use Cheat Engine

Cheat engine i download but how do use it?

I’d use .minerva, which is a flash save file editor. Though you’ll need to look through your %appdata% folder to find where the save is. It should be somewhere in the “Macromedia” folder inside of “Roaming”.

Regardless of that though, you used your first post to ask for a game password locked behind a $10 patreon pledge, which is definately not in the rules.

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Of course, I understand that I’m not the best person, but I can say that I didn’t get the patron content

I am going to be closing this topic for being a bit off topic but also for encouraging sharing information that may be against our Post Only Your Own Stuff rule.

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