Has there been any talk of a huniepop wg mod?
With each heart the girls gain weight. Or they could just be fat from the start. I’m not gonna be picky.


Is it even possible to mod hunniepop?

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thats a very good question, we are getting Huniepop 2 coming soon to!
(I have no Idea though)

From what I’ve read, it is possible, but it takes some digging, as apparently it wasn’t supported, though steam and nexus does have mods for said game

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Assuming we can do anything with variables, I think the best thing to do would be to have a variable track every time you fill one the girl’s food meters. Once a certain threshold is passed, then change the set of character graphics to reflect weight gain.

It’s been a while since I’ve played Huniepop, but if I recall correctly the girls would occasionally quiz the player about their weight. Depending on what exactly is possible, this question might have to be removed or altered.


As far as the possibility of altering that question goes, I think it would be really neat if the options would change depending on their weight stage. Like, there could be an option that suggests they gained weight (either an actual number that would be their real weight at that time or something more vague like “Not where it was last time…” or “Did you maybe… put on a few…?” or something along those lines), which for most (if not all) girls cause to take a bit of a hit. Also keeping original weight as the “correct” option if you don’t want to take the relationship damage from the more honest option or just really like the whole “in denial about gaining weight” thing.

Of course, I don’t know how possible that is as my own experience with Huniepop is limited to the few videos I’ve seen. But if it is possible, that would be a nice touch.

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The only problem with Steam is the users that absolutely hate fetish content.


They can get over it. They don’t have to use it.

Yeah, GameBanana is better for Steam game mods. Only problem is the easily-bypassable NSFW wall.

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