Huzzah, First release!

Download download download!!!

MEGA <<<<

It’s not exactly much of a game yet, but you can play around with the various mechanics. Shops don’t work properly, most temporary graphics are a joke (cough the intro cough), and the music is stolen. But hey, I put in a useful slime girl that can give you money and can alter your cowgirl’s stats if you want to see the various growth stages!

Enjoy playing around with this total mess of a rough draft, and tell me what you think!

Have fun my dudes~ <3

okay as expected from a first release it doesn’t have much content it’s still okay like a demo it works well.

Seems like basic systems are working! I’d love to see a way to buy multiples of items, it takes a while to buy up a stack of Deluxe Food. The art is simple and cute. Other than that, I eagerly await your next update!

Looks pretty good so far, just going to add on to what others have said; being able to buy multiple things at once would really be nice.
The cowgirls look good as well!

The link appears to be working last I tried.

Your meme game sure is on point my dude.