Hyper Weight Gain Calculator/ Body Volume Metrics Tool



The problem is the included REGSVR32 was made for 32 bit systems. You can use the one included in your Windows install instead, just edit REGDLL.bat to add the path.


Is what it should look like. Then just right-click it and run as admin.


OK DUDE, you have no idea how may loops I tried to go through that I thought would give me a virus. It took me a couple tries of editing and doing things right but, I did it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Alrighty, I was a bit unsatisfied with my previous data spreadsheet after looking over it, so I’ve made a new one with equations and junk built in to give a rough approximation of weight/volume/measurements for female body types according to various inputs. Obviously it becomes a little unreliable at extremes since there’s no actual data to base what a 10,000 ton person would be like, but I based everything off of real data. Right now you can input height, weight, muscle mass, age, and a calorie differential/time period. Right now I have muscle mass set to scale downwards with weight, but it’s marked as something you can put a different value into.


EDIT: Actually ignore the chest/waist/hips calc entirely, they break down very quickly, and were the most tenuous calculations to begin with.


Just a quick question about the spreadsheet. What do you mean when you say calorie differential? Is that their daily calorie consumption, or is it their daily consumption minus their maintenance caloric intake?


Second one. It’s the amount of daily calories consumed beyond maintenance calories.