Hyper Weight Gain Calculator/ Body Volume Metrics Tool

This is less of an idea, more of a ‘I swear we had something like this on the internet before’.

Has anyone ever seen or developed a weight calculation or body volume calculation tool for what I can only describe as hyper-fat? I’ve seen the Ultimate Breast Calculator, before, but I could swear I’ve seen a weight gain related one, too.

I dunno. If I’m losing my mind, free idea for future development. If not, we all have a resource to use.

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I know there is the tool Gaincalc, but that does have a weight limit of I think a ton or so, but I haven’t heard of the Ultimate Breast Calculator till now.

Here’s a link to the UBC, which I warn is kind of weirdly glitchy in some very specific instances. Like, I did a 38G American-style bra size, and it said the cup size numerical value was -1, for some reason.

Can you pass me a gaincalc one?

Have a link for that tool?

Can’t think of a program I know of that does this, but I do remember making a spreadsheet a while back to figure out basic proportions and how much weight is gained from certain foods/maximum “realistic” rate of weight gain. A lot of the data is probably wildly inaccurate now that I’m looking back on it, but do with it what you will.

You might be thinking of Khatoblepas’ calculator based on Pesona-Omega’s spreadsheet.

Here’s the link:

And for completeness’ sake, the spreadsheet:

Here’s gaincalc for those who want it.

Tried to use the gaincalc, but my comp refuses to install the file that it needs to run. Not sure why.

It probably could be your OS, since it was written more for XP systems.

Have you tried either running it in admin mode? or in compatibility mode? or manually install the file?

Running in admin mode throws up the same error. I don’t know how to either install the file manually, or know what compatibility mode is.

have you just tried running gaincalc? or have you already done that?

Hey I also try to do everything listed and when I first tried it, it didn’t work either so idk.

are you running the REGSVR32 file or the REGDLL file?

I did but, only to try and get the gaincalc exe to work.

ok, last question. what’s the error message Gaincalc is giving you when you attempt to run it?

“Class not registered. You need the following file to be installed on your machine. MSSTDFMT.DLL.”

I’d suggest looking up how to register a .dll file online since the .dll is in the folder, What’s your operating system?

I have windows 10 so.

yea, I’m running Win 7 so I have no clue how you’d do it on win 8/8.1/10

Ok well thank you anyway. I’m gonna keep trying.