I am an artist looking for a group or individual for the Gain Jam (Participated in GJ'20)

NOTE: I don’t mind working on either human or furry games (mainly experienced with furry art). I also don’t mind if the subject matter involves other fetishes or kinks. Same thing with gender/sex. B)

I’m an artist who focuses on (fat/inflation) furry art. I’ve dabbled in concept art for personal projects as well as for others. I previously participated in the 2020 Gain Jam via the visual novel Space Lancer Haya as an artist (along with designing the general idea and synopsis) alongside Alstor: Space Lancer Haya - A weight gain visual novel

My strengths are in painting (especially natural scenery) and concept art for characters. I am also capable of helping with ideas for stories and/or gameplay.

While I’ve dabbled in creating retro pixel sprites, I’m not an exact expert on them. So I’d likely have to have someone else to help guide me. However, I’ve played and enjoy retro games from the 80s to the 90s and beyond.

However, if the “sprites” are high-res PNG drawings, I’m more confident working on those.

My FurAffinity is located here: Userpage of Elpida -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

I’m willing to work on a project that isn’t too demanding (aka RPGs or VN) if I’m the only artist, at least for the Gain Jam.

Ideally, it would be cool to work on an arcade/retro style game. If it’s something that mimics a retro pixel game, it’d be best to have someone who’s more of an expert on spring for a more authentic look.

I hope to have fun working with you!

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