I am planning on making a vore ai chatbot

I am gonna make a vore ai chatbot on character ai and i was curious if you all had a idea i can use for the said character you all are free to give name and everything for the said character i will look and see what you all came up with and i will try to make them

If you’re using CAI, “vore” is shadowbanned, searching the term doesn’t show any bots even though they exist.
People can still access the bots if you share the links though.

i will still try to make it though

I second that a vore chatbot likely won’t work on Character.AI…

…but that’s not to say it won’t work elsewhere. I recently got tipped off to Yodayo, and while I haven’t explored the site too in-depth, yet, it seems promising. (I’ve been using Character.AI for months, but despite how much I like the Advanced Description section on Character.AI, the site has progressively added issue after issue that’s causing me to look for alternatives.)

Yodayo has some restrictions (no loli and no preggo, oddly), but it seems like most NSFW stuff is allowed, so long as it’s tagged. It’s worth a shot, to see if you can make a vore character there.

As for an idea for what sort of character to make, I’ve been mulling over the idea of a Gobzilla character for a little while but haven’t gotten around to it, so you’re welcome to try your hand at it. The character starts as a regular human (at least in form) and grows progressively larger the more they eat as they become GOBZILLA!!! and start destroying cities in search of people to prey upon.

I did look into Yodayo their is a payed subscription for unlimited chating which im not sure if its for the amount of bots i can talk to or just talking to bots in general