I began making a Overlord themed weight gain text adventure (probably no more updates)

Here it is it is my first time making a game so the “programming” might be a little all over the place aswell as the writing, hopefully you can enjoy what i made which is currently a mess programming wise. there’s not much yet in the game but i plan to make more on it

small update (02-08-22)
There is now a new ending (and lore if you would call it that) when you are at a certain size in a certain room. the food should work as intended now and more text and stuffs in some places

I don’t really think im gonna do more on it


Great concept but rather barebones atm, I’ll be looking forward to the next update!


Yeah mostly just tried to figure out how to use quest to begin with i find it quite hard and some of the simple stuff just takes longer than it should trying to get it working, but thanks! i apreciate it.

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Quest can be a bitch, but good on you for taking the first steps. I look forward to the end result

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Holy shit, you saint, I fucking love Overlord

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Me too! it’s a great anime

This no worky properly. At least playing online I have a lot of issues. Shalltear multiplying, error codes entering Ainz room, most interactions just say “I don’t understand”. help

Ok i will try and find out how to fix that not that good with this program don’t know if i’ll be able to fix that but im pretty sure why that might be happening