I’d like some help with something

I am very new to this site, and I’m not sure what I’m doing or if this is the right place to put this, but I’d like some help for a project I have in mind. It’s not a game, but I’d like someone who knows anything about web design to please contact me if you can. I’m not promising anything, which, I know, makes my offer far less enticing, but I need help. If someone could be kind enough to help me, please, I’d be so grateful!

What do you have in mind, precisely? I’ve got basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS, so I doubt I’d be much help, but if you described what you needed to do, we might be able to either give you a snippet of code or point you toward a tutorial.

Also, I think this was supposed to be posted in the Project Help category. No worries, though.

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Also, you may want to try providing more details if you want to entice someone to help you.

Oh my gosh, I didn’t think anyone would answer! I am so sorry for replying so late!

I am so confused with this site it’s driving me crazy!

Uh, well I have an idea in mind of… Well… I didn’t want to say right away, because I knew it’d be a big thing, and I also didn’t know if it’d be a good idea to advertise this idea on this site or something but…

I want to make a website.

Not just any website, but like, a website like this. A website specifically for people who’re into fat and stuff to go to and share art and stories. Like Deviant Art, but for fat admirers.

I know something like this would be a big project, so I need people who know what they’re doing. And if you’re still interested and have the expertise I need, then I’d be grateful to have you!

Uh, thank you? I mean, like I said, I have no idea how to navigate this site and I am very lost, and so I had no idea where to put it.

Also, I’m aware, I just had my reasons why I didn’t necessarily want to be too specific.

Yeah, that’s a bit ambitious for me.

Short answer: I do not have the expertise you need.

I’ll see what I can turn up tutorial-wise, though. Have you ever looked into any coding tutorials? You will need to learn at least HTML to begin with. CSS and JavaScript are also essential… As will likely be PHP and SQL.

Just start with HTML, though. It’s not too daunting.

Your idea IS a big project. Bigger than just “making” it. You’ve got to maintain it, moderate it, and protect it… And keeping something like you’ve got in mind isn’t free.

Any particular reason you want your own site instead of just using this one?

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Well for one, I hate this site because I find it incredibly confusing. The layout is just so frustrating to me. I wanted a site that’s similar to deviant art because I like the layout. Of course, I know I can’t copy the layout exactly, as I’ve been informed by a consultant of mine that it’s copyrighted, but something similar enough that it’s easier to understand.

Also, this site doesn’t strike me as a site for sharing art and stories, as it seems more focused on games and stuff, which is fine, but I kinda want a site of my own for specifically art and stories.

And I know. I thought this’d be too big of a project for you considering you came right out and told me you only have some basic knowledge of code, and the more I learn about making a website, the more I’m learning how big of a task it really is.

I understand that it won’t be easy to find someone who could help me with this, and it may take years for this thing to actually get made if I do find someone, but I kinda really want to make this happen if I can.

It is really ambitious, and I know that. Maybe I’ve bitten more than I could chew, but I still want to try, so that even if I fail, at least I can say I tried.

Thank you for writing back to me, and thank you for the advice. If you could find some tutorials for me to start out with, that’d be wonderful. :slight_smile:

Well, fair enough, I suppose.

Thus far, my first reccomendation is learning HTML. I kind of like the SoloLearn app; it’s fairly comprehensive (if not exhaustive), and will tell you what you need to make a basic webpage viable. After that, SoloLearn also has a course on CSS and JavaScript, which will complete the traditional web-design trifecta. Fair warning: Of the three, JS will definitely give you the most trouble. The Grasshopper app is a much nicer starting point for JavaScript.

SoloLearn should also have a PHP tutorial… But it seemed fairly anemic, to be frank. I’m still really fuzzy on its precise utility; I’m led to believe it’s pretty important for server backends, but I don’t particularly understand why, because the SoloLearn course only seemed interested in presenting PHP as an alternative to HTML and JS.

Anyway, maybe look into the apps. They’re free. And don’t forget to try the things you learn as you learn them. Notepad works fine for this, but something like Notepad++ works better.

Do these work for iPads?

Possibly? I only use Android, I’m afraid. It can’t hurt to type them into the App Store and see what pops up, though.

Edit: Alright, just checked. They are both on the App Store.

If you have any specific feedback, we’re open to suggestions on how to improve the usability of the site and systems moving forward.

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Oh wow, thank you so much! This will be incredibly helpful!

Even if you couldn’t help me in the way I wanted, I very much appreciate the information you’ve given me!

Well, I’m not really sure how beneficial I could be, as I’ll admit, I’m a terrible critic, but… a homepage would be nice. Or like, if you already have a homepage, labeling it more obviously would help.

Also, I don’t know how to talk to people on here, like if I wanted to get involved with a project, or give feedback to someone, I don’t know how to do that.

And also, I don’t know how to find a specific person, like if I heard about someone else’s project from someone else but I only know their name…

Ugh, I’m bad at this. Maybe it’s just that I’m technologically inept. Idk…

I think there may be some confusion here. This part of the site is our forums. It is mainly for public discussion and thus is more geared for that. It sounds like you are almost looking for a gallery like system like seen on DA (Steam or itch.io may be better examples though for what we do), and in that case we are working on something like that for the projects.

Things like that take quite a bit of time though, and it does not help that we have limited time and resources for working on it. So I ask that you bear with us while we work on getting the main site up and running.

Also, I should note this just in case there is any misunderstanding for what our site is. We are not an gallery or art sharing site. We share knowledge and help promote the development of weight gain, expansion, and transformation related games.

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Fair enough. I had no previous knowledge to such workings, but as long as you guys are on it, I suppose it’d only be fair for me to be patient.

And see, that’s why I want to create my own site, because this site isn’t meant for art and stories, it’s meant for games, and that’s cool and all, but I think it’d be beneficial for a lot of people if there was a site like deviant art for wg art and stories so that they no longer have to use deviant art, or at least provide a safe alternative where they won’t be harassed by people on and off deviant art who don’t like or understand their tastes.

I hope you understand my goals.