I found a game called (Love At First Bite) it has Weight-Gain and Vore in it.

Here is the link to the game Love at first Bite by lachevite (itch.io)


So… what do the monkeys do?


:thinking: No clue, just there for a free catch.

Seems like you’re right, they just only increase the candy counter (thought they perhaps healed but it didn’t work).


ya i noticed that also to me i think the monkey was meant to damage you not help you

Oh yeah, I follow the creator on Twitter. If you go to the creator’s itch.io page, they have a bunch of other small weight-related games (small as in length, not weight).


Yeah they’ve also contributed to our Gain Jams and can be supported on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/lachevite/overview


Thanks for the info :smiley:

Gotta love game-logic that when things get more challenging, the feeding intensifies by getting faster… <w<

I know this is likely most likely to be a horribly unpopular opinion, but I have to ask why so many expansion games have so many lesbian characters? I’m not saying these shouldn’t have any lesbian/homosexual characters at all, I’m merely remarking the fact that so many of these games have almost exclusively homosexual characters to the point where I feel like I can’t really immerse myself in the game because of it.

I apologize if I offend anyone, truly, I just felt the need to get that out there.

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If I had to guess, probably because female characters getting fatter is more popular then male characters getting fatter.

In a lot of cases though I feel it might just be author’s choice. When I write weight gain kink I enjoy everyone gaining. c:

ya i agree both male and females like to see the female characters in these type of games grow more then the male ones which i’m kinda one of them male expansion in these games are ok if there a balance between the two

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Most of these creators are male/attracted to female characters and girl-on-girl is hot.
Even I will be the first to admit that, as straight, it is a little silly to see everyone go for it, but it’s not really that surprisingly. Besides, there are quite a few male/male focused weight gain or bara games out there, albeit more the furry fandom than anyone else.

Anyway, another cute minigame by lachevite. Waaaay too easy. Though, I can imagine its that way because Lab Grown was more annoying to play than it was legitimately difficult.

I thought that everyone already knew about Lachevite and BurgerKing. They make good minigames.

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A strong partnership to be sure!

I believe they’re suppose to be goblins, which is a direct reference to Lachevite’s last advent calendar event. Go check it you if you haven’t yet.

I actually really like this game. Yeah, it’s easy, but like @PlusParsnips mentioned, it’s probably in response to Lab Grown’s high difficulty. I also noticed that there’s at least 3 different weights for getting a game over, which is a really cute detail, only that Charloette get’s her pants back at higher weights which is a bit weird. Nevertheless, really cute and fun minigame!

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Looks like Love At First Bite is becoming Popular, Lets hope Lachevite and BurgerKing Make more Cool Games like this but not too hard :smiley:

So glad I checked back into this forum… this game is short but oh gosh is it gold! Great production value and uber-cute!