I found an old game that no one could find for 4 years

The good news I found the game file to this game Air Escape - Old Inflation Game - YouTube bad news I don’t know how to use an emulator to get it running on a windows computer because its a really old game does anyone have any suggestions also hear is the game file 533.1 KB file on MEGA


Nice, I remember SkecthVG’s unmistakeable work. I wonder if his stuffing game Feed Deanna is still available?


Next, you’ll say someone scraped and dumped the code behind fantasyfeeder’s feedee game from wayback archives

I should have super mario vorld somewhere on my PC.

I have it, I put it in mediafire for when people ask


I got my data back(long story), and with it, I found a copy of the super mario vorld swf file!(If anyone’s curious(though not a WHOLE lot apparently as revealed by the survey…)… how do I post it? just shove into dropbox and provide a link?)
It DOES work with flash player btw, I’ve tested it. also…

R.I.P. Flash

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