I have a question for everyone with pets

Do you kick your pets out of your room when you want to masturbate/have sex?

Read “parents” and had a whole moment here.


“parents”? Who is it by, or where can I read it?

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No, I read “parents” instead of “pets” in your post.

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oh, lol, i’m dumb and very stoned

it took me about 2 minutes to realized what you had actually written. oh lord, i lost it.

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Having had sex with my wife numerous times and having a cat who tends to not understand privacy, I don’t care. We are in the moment and it doesn’t matter what animal is watching XD

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Cat’s are banned from Jinx’s room. They keep biting wires.

My dog was once watching me intently as he had his way with a bean bag chair. He clearly doesn’t give a shit, so why should I?


Can you add a note to your description that says “NSFW”? It’d be nice, since this really isn’t appropriate to ask random people.

I mean… I’d argue the forum as a whole isn’t sfw dude


I’m asexual so I never want to have sex, I don’t really care if my cat sleeps on the bed while I look at fat art either, if that answers the question

I’m not sure that a forum dedicated to fetish content is the right place to be concerned about NSFW content but that may just be me


Nah lol, the pets are usually doing their own thing while I do mine.

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this is a fetish site, where else am i going to ask random people my burning fetish questions?


luckily mine are kind enough to not try to eat wires.

If it sleeps, I silent do my busines.
Otherwise - kick out.

My room is my cats safe place so I’d never kick them out of it

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I’ve decided that my room is my cat’s safe space as well, so I wait for her to be sleeping outside of my room before I do anything.

Honestly, I do neither lewd acts and I don’t kick my pet out. She actually stays inside my apartment at all times.

uh… well, it’s pretty uncomfortable having any eyes on you at “that moment”