I heard rumblings of a vore addon to Big Fatties...

I heard somewhere that vore is going to be a new feature to the base Big Fatties mod. Is this true? Its a great mod on its own as it is, but if there is a chance that this is true it would make me even more excited for the upcoming updates!


No, someone requested that ssvm was added to the Big fatties server which was a terrible idea btw

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injokes thanks ok freya

I’ve yet to announce it as getting to the final touches of finishing the update have been slow at the moment. But yes. It will be a part of the update. There’ll be a little red box in the corner of the ui for the new system. Clicking it will open up a separate ui for vore. It’s own, optional thing that can be ignored if people wish.


Booyah! Hmmm? Wait, how exactly will the vore work?

I’ll go into detail of it at a later point.


thank you for confirming! sorry if I teased out what was supposed to be a surprise, but either way I am very much looking forward to what you are working on! thank you very much again and hope things are going well for you and yours

lol what :joy_cat:
are you somehow in talks with the SSVM lads?

No, this is not at all connected to ssvm

Does that mean the mods will clash when the vore content for your comes out?

No? It is its own thing. It has nothing to do with the way ssvm goes about it.

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Oh, I’m getting excited!

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make it so you can eat enemy’s whole

It’s already set up in the mod.