I like Quest, but want to try graphics

Hi. I’m looking for a new game engine to try. I love Quest for text adventures but want to take a dip into something that actually has graphics. What are some recommended game engines for beginners who don’t mind hard coding (I do it a fair bit within Quest) but also want their hand held at the start?

Depends what you want to make. There are more general purpose engines like Godot, Unity, or Unreal; special purpose engines for visual novels like RenPy. RPG Maker is a thing if you want to make something in that style. Perhaps something like Adventure Game Studio?

Just saying… There are a lot of options. A little more detail about the style of game or graphics you want to use would be helpful.

Echoing support for RenPy and RPG Maker. Even if you don’t end up releasing anything with those engines, you’ll learn a lot.

Of course a program like RPG Maker plateaus after a while in terms of what you can do with it before it becomes restricting. But, you do get to dive right into it and have lots of assets to work right off of.